Part 2: In a New York Minute 

(Disclaimer: I promise to get back to food blogging. Two back-to-back weeks on the road for work has given me absolutely zero time to cook.)

I don’t really have tips from this trip, but I have “experiences,” so I’m going to share those instead. 

Something I quickly figured out is that I should have brought my tennis shoes instead of my heels. New Yorkers walk EVERYWHERE! I knew I was in trouble when I walked outside and saw women in dresses wearing their tennis shoes and carrying their heels. Walking from point A to B is just daily life. After walking a mile between my two office locations several times that first day, I broke down and bought flats. Those flats are JC Crew, last year’s style and have tassels…but the relief was worth every cent. 

View from our hotel in Midtown!

I finally braved the subway. The first time was with my boss and he knew where he was going, so I got to sit there and experience. The second time, I tried to navigate myself and my poor husband…and we ended up about a mile farther away from our destination. (Thank goodness for Uber). The third time, I finally figured the system out enough that we got on the right sub and off at the right stop. Success! I am still pretty proud of that accomplishment. 

The people in NY are really friendly. They may not make eye contact on the street, the subway, or even in the office. But after 6:00p, when life slows down and the locals go out, the atmosphere changes. Little local places are packed, people share tables and everyone makes you feel welcome. We got to hang out with fellow NY co-workers and met some really cool locals, conversation was real and refreshing. 

Our NY office is located in Little Italy. Super cute area!

I passed Jane Lynch walking down the street yesterday. Boy, she made me feel short. After that, I glanced at every sunglasses wearing face I passed in hopes of spying someone else. In retrospect, that was probably pretty dumb of me, I will blame it on lack of city etiquette and curiosity. 

There are so many things happening in NY every minute. The business world is competitive/intense, the little communities are tight, the local food is fantastic, the sidewalks are packed, and the cabs squeeze into impossibly tight spaces. It’s electric, but at the same time the old buildings have a sense of pure nostalgia. Reminds me of those old Gene Kelly/Frank Sinatra movies where they go singing and dancing through the city. 

“These vagabond shoes are longing to stray

Right through the very heart of it

New York, New York

I wanna wake up in a city that doesn’t sleep

And find I’m king of the hill, top of the heap.” 

Part of the trek from office to office.

Until next time, New York! Just landed in Dallas, hitting the road home and ready to see that Oklahoma state line!

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