Ode to Rubber Boots

There once was a girl who owned rubber boots. She wore them with dresses, she wore them with jeans, she wore them to breakfast and even to get ice cream! 

When she wore them, she did not care that her hair was unfixed or her hands were dirty. In those boots, she had bigger dreams to carry. 

She wore them to stomp in mud puddles, to climb every tree, and to chase all the kittens. And when she sat in her deer stand, she even wore them with mittens. 

She cooked in the kitchen, and gathered the eggs. She helped pick the garden, and did all her chores. She even ran errands and went to some stores. 

She mowed lawns in the summer and raked leaves in the fall. She was bored not even a little at all. And she grew and grew, and became kind of tall. 

There were places to go and new people to meet. She got sneakers and sandals. And some new, shiny heels. Soon enough, she even got herself some wheels. 

College and jobs, one after another. But her rubber boots stayed close like an old solid friend. Because she knew they’re a pair on which she can always depend! 

Thank you rubber boots, for the journey you walked with a little girl every day. Because of you, she can stand on her own and face whatever comes her way! 

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