Back to My Roots

The recipes on this site all originate (to the best of my knowledge) from myself, my mother or my grandma. 

pic -gmaEveryone came to my grandma’s church for Sunday luncheon (locally known as “Dinner Day”) because of her hot rolls. There are still rumors that a few people got saved from her cooking. Or a least a few baptisms came about from her telling folks they couldn’t eat until they got saved. And her pies, especially her fried pies, disappeared so fast that you’d begin checking pockets.


I’m not certain where my grandma got all her recipes. Probably through years of practice and some were likely passed down to her from her own mother/grandmother. Her cooking was the best, and it was famous in our rural community. Second only to her cooking, were her jams, jellies, and canning techniques. She loved entering her cooking & canning in the local County Fair, and won more than her fair share of blue ribbons.

pic- ribbons

I enjoyed showing off her ribbons circa 1993


My mother grew up in a large family, so learning how to cook was like learning how to breathe, it was something that she had always done. I grew up never knowing that not all families had homemade biscuits, gravy, and “fixins” every morning.

My favorite blue cookie bowl came from my mother. There is no counting how many batches of cookies were made in that bowl. I will also confess that some of the cookie dough disappeared before it could reach the oven. I have been spoiled so much in my life, that to this day, I still rarely ever eat a frozen dinner. And I don’t ever need to because I can cook! Thank goodness!


My Mother makes Fried Pies!

One thing I have learned from them both is that recipes are more like moral guidelines and not so much a code. To enjoy the experience, you have to make it your own and have fun sharing what you make with others (even if it’s not perfect the first time). So be creative, learn, adapt, mess up, and taste test everything!

And when you make a pie, never leave off the…calf slobber.



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