Calf Slobber Recipe

Also known as “meringue.” It’s the light, fluffy topping on a chocolate or coconut cream pie. It’s delicious.

Calf Slobber Recipe


1 tbsp. Cornstarch

6 tbsp. Sugar

1/2 c. Water

3 Egg Whites

1/2 tsp. Vanilla

  1. Mix cornstarch & 2 tbl. of sugar in a small sauce pan, add water.
  2. Cook and stir mixture until it becomes clear (usually this occurs once it reaches a soft boil). Once clear, remove from heat and let cool.
  3. In a separate bowl, place your 3 egg whites and mix with blender until peaks form.
  4. Blend in 1/2 tsp of vanilla and gradually add in 4 tbsp. of sugar.
  5. Blend in cornstarch/sugar mixture.
  6. Calf Slobber is ready when ingredients are blended and stiff peaks have formed.
  7. Spread over pie filling and bake pie until calf slobber is lightly browned.

Let’s talk for a minute…

Cornstarch has never been a big staple in my pantry, but you can easily pick some up at any grocery store on the baking aisle. It’s also not very expensive, so add it to the shopping list and grab some during your normal grocery trip.

There is no hard rule about how long to cook the cornstarch, sugar and water. It’s not like making candy where everything has to be timed exactly right, just make sure it’s no longer cloudy before you turn off the heat.

Let the cornstarch, sugar and water cool off while you blend up the egg whites.

Not sure what a peak is? Stop blending, lift up your blender and check to see if the slobbers that are dripping off are forming peaks as you lift the blender. If they are, you are set. If not, blend some more. Turn that blender on high to get peaks fast!

calf slobbers

It’s going to be foamy in texture. I would recommend using a spatula to spread over your pie filling.

Enjoy your Calf Slobber! Don’t forget to lick the bowl afterwards!


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